Update 02/20/2014

I thought I would take some time to clarify the purpose for this site. To make it easy to follow, I will present the information in sort of a Q&A format.

Q: Why do a site called Nick for North Haven?
A: There are a number of reasons and I will explain them here. I have always had an interest in the happenings taking place in the world around me. In large part, people fall into two categories...in the first category people "ignore" what is happening in efforts to not have to deal with the problems that exist.  They either think someone else will take care of the problem, have an unrealistic rose-colored view of the world, or are simply too focused on themselves and their own problems to see what is going on around them.  The other group is well aware of the happenings, wishes they could do something, but feel helpless to bring about change. In general, these are the two groups I see and the intent is not to judge. Personally, I wasn't in the first group and rather than fall into the second group, I decided that I would turn my feelings into something productive and positive.

I sensed that other people felt the way I did about things, and not just education. I began writing essays on topics not only as a way to publically express my position and present constructive discussion, but as a way to document for my children who their father is and what he stands for. That is why the site's title begins with "Nick".

Now, to address the "for North Haven" portion. Well, North Haven happens to be where my family and I live. North Haven also happens to be where a number of generations of my family has lived. My mother's side were farmers in the Montowese section of Town. So, I recall the town much smaller and a time when I'd see someone I knew just about everytime I ventured out and about town. However, it is not just that. North Haven, and towns like North Haven, is from where change must originate. Republicanism (not the party) or representative government works best at the local level. In fact, its only chance for real success is for it to work at the local level and then have the will of the people purcolate up.  Its success necessitates vigilance on the part of the citizens. From our town and through our elected representatives is how we are going to have any representation at the State level. The job of the elected is not self-preservation, but steadfast representation. So, in my mind North Haven is the right level to be active. I would hope more people do similar things in this town and/or others.

Q: I'm not from North Haven. Why should I read your posts?
A: Some of my posts are original and others are reposting of information I feel is relevant to the conversation. What I write here in the context of "for North Haven" is applicable to every town. If its happening in North Haven, it is likely happening elsewhere or could happen there. If it is challenging North Haven, then it is likely the case elsewhere. You may read something and think to yourself, "I should look into this in my town."

Q: Are you political?
A: I do my absolute best to not be overtly political. While people identify themselves as with parties, I look to touch upon the things that we should all have in common. I'm looking to appeal to people. Prior to running for BoE, I was told that if I ever hope to do anything in government I'd have to affiliate myself. That person may have been correct considering the results. None-the-less, I've never been a fixed menu type of person and so I'm not so keen on party alignment. That said, I have my beliefs and I am willing to substantitate those beliefs with more than feeling. As we head into election season, you will likely read me calling people and parties out not because of their party or who they are, but for the positions they did or did not take.

Q: What is your goal?
A: My goal is simple. It is to create awareness and show people that "we" can make a difference, affect change, and assert more control over that which our tax monies pay for. I hope that when this does happen that nickfornorthhaven.com or some evolution of this site will have a role to play in making our town, state, and country a better place for us to live.



Nick Coppola

Parent of Children in North Haven Schools
Advocate for Liberty and Local Control ([r]epublicanism) Everywhere

Email: nick@nickfornorthhaven.com